Agile Transformation

In this part, I will walk you through the ideas and technologies involved in creation of StickyPrint – Our Daily Standup Facilitator. If you have not read the part-1 yet, I strongly recommend you to read it first before going through this article.

There are two puzzles to solve to make it work. First we need to get sprint data from Rally and transform it to a format we want to see in our task board. Once we have the data, we need to find out a way to reliably print it in Sticky Notes. We were confident that we can solve Puzzle-1 (data retrieval and transformation) very easily in an hour or so, if we programmers can’t do it who else can. But how do we print something in Sticky Notes? No matter whatever magic we do with the data, it’s useless if not printed. So we started solving Puzzle-2 (printing) before working on Puzzle-1. Continue reading StickyPrint – Behind the Scenes

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Though Agile says “it’s up to the scrum team to decide how they want to operate”, there are a few guidelines which need to be followed to reap maximum benefits out of Agile methodology. One such important guideline is the daily stand-up meeting. Our scrum teams, while transitioning from Waterfall tradition, started seeing those stand-up meetings as an additional overhead compared to the waterfall methodology. So they started complaining that there are too many meetings in Agile compared to Waterfall (a typical complaint you may hear during every transformation). Continue reading StickyPrint – Our Daily Stand-up Facilitator

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